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squirrly seo vs yoast -The best seo for blogs and website 2019

 Best SEO for Blogs and Websites


Hey buddy. Do you want to rank within top 10 of google search page?

I’ll take it as “Yes”. Because that’s the reason why you are here.

Are you searching for the best Seo, but confused between Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO?

Here is a review that might help you choosing the best.

I think you already know that, one crucial part of website building is search engine optimization SEO.

This Seo makes sure your site is optimized for Google, which enables it to attract traffic to your landing pages. So, choosing the right Seo is very important for your website’s traffic.

But after typing Seo into plugin search, you might be confused choosing between two top ranked plugins. “Yoast seo” and “Squirrly”.

If you don’t know about it, let me explain about them first.

Yoast Seo

Squirrly seo vs Yoast the best seo for blogs
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Yoast SEO is one of the available plugins for WordPress.

This Yoast is considered as one of the best seo for blogs available in the wordpress plugins.

It provides you with fantastic all-round services which ensure your website has search engine friendly foundations and is technically sound.

The Yoast makes optimization easy for you, resulting in a comfortable experience.

Squirrly SEO

On the other hand, Squirrly SEO is a free/premium WordPress SEO plugin which you can use to optimize your website to run on the WordPress platform.

It’s powerful and comes with many fantastic features, which means you should consider it.

For instance, it enables you to write content which is SEO friendly and easy for users to read.

The result is you’ll improve your Google rankings while providing your target market with useful content.

This review looks at the features and benefits of these two WordPress SEO Plugins in detail.


Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO

 Let’s compare and see which is the best Seo for blogs, Squirrly seo vs yoast seo.


Five Features of the Yoast SEO Plugin

 Social Integration

Social media platforms play an essential role in our everyday lives.

It means you should ensure your content is available on these platforms.

Here Yoast SEO plugin makes this task easy through providing you with simple to use social integration services.

For instance, Yoast lets you link your site with social media channels.


Advanced Options


The Yoast SEO Plugin comes with the advanced options feature.

To access this features and edit a blog post or page, you should click the gear icon tab.

The result is you’ll have options for canonical URL and Meta robots.

Meta robots are used in specific posts or pages which you don’t want Google to index.

The best way is to use them sparingly, for example, when you want to.



Redirects/Search Console


Yoast SEO puts anything you require in one place.

It also integrates your search console into its plugin.

This ability enables you to monitor the number of 404 pages that Google is detecting, which allows you to solve them fast.

Keep in mind that having the data makes it easy for you to manage your site, although you cannot use the plugin to implement plugins.



XML Sitemap


One way that Google uses to understand your website’s structure is by using XML sitemaps, which means you should have a sitemap in place.

By using Yoast SEO, you won’t have to undergo the stress of designing a sitemap for your site, since it comes with an inbuilt XML sitemap feature.

All you have to do is to enable this functionality, while Yoast takes care of the rest of the job.

However, it’s crucial that you audit your sitemap regularly to ensure essential areas of your website are included.



Snippet Editor


It’s a useful tool that makes Yoast stand apart from its competition.

It enables you to have a preview of how your page will look in the search engine results of Google.

It also allows you to make fast edits to the critical metadata fields.

When changing your page description or page title, the Yoast plugin will enable you to determine whether they are short or long.


Five features Squirrly SEO Plugin

7.0 Is Here!
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Squirrly SEO is one powerful plugin that comes with several excellent features.

It is regarded as one of the best Seo for blogs.

It helps you to write easy to read content which is SEO friendly, enabling you to rank higher in search engine results.

As per SQUIRRLY, This Plugin helps you

To optimize your post for both human and Search engines.

Below we look at its many excellent features.


Keyword Research

The Squirrly Keyword Research is one fantastic and Unique feature which makes Squirrly a better plugin than others.

This feature lets you choose keywords for your blog or article from suggested keywords that are similar to your article topic and which users on Google are using to search for information.

It lets you know exact searches, competition and the suggested keywords trend. If you want to search for a keyword for a particular country, you can do it by picking the flag of that country.


Live Assistant feature


The Squirrly Live Assistant feature guides you by showing the necessary instructions.

It assists you in real-time, for example, as you type your article.

The result is a user-friendly text which will ensure readers find your content fast.

Remember you are not just writing for search engines.

The live assistance enables you to learn how to optimize your article for search engines and humans, which means that Google won’t ban your content.

You’ll get links from other blogs and social media platform shares as a result.


 Performance Analytics

This is also a unique feature from Squirrly between Squirrly seo vs yoast.

This feature allows you to keep an eye on how your pages or articles are performing.

Another benefit of this function is that you can know which of your pages has the most visitors from referrals or organic traffic.

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Snippet Tool


The Squirrly snippet tool feature shows you how your article will appear on the search engine after you enter the required SEO data.

It means you can customize your pages to increase your conversion rate.

It also lets you know if your keywords appear in your text section.

Other SEO plugins won’t give you this ability to customize your text.

The results are duplicate pages on search engines, which make it difficult to select the right page for your visitors.

Copyright free images.


Yes, between Squirrly Seo vs Yoast, This is also one of the unique feature that Squirrly steals the competition.

Every blog post must include one images, but we will be penalised or infringed if we use images from google.

So, it is suggested that we use copyright free images, which is provided by squirrly in its pro version which help us to be on the safer side.



Did I just said Url Optimization?

YES. haven’t heard in any other plugins right.

But, in the new version of Squirrly 2018 let will you optimize every single URL of your site.

This will help you to rank really faster in the google search.

Comparison with Squirrly seo vs yoast this is a unique feature by Squirrly. So,This is considered one of the best feature to be the Best seo for blogs.



So, This is some important features Comparison of Squirrly Seo Vs Yoast Seo.

The above Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO review shows that Both are equally competitively good but  Squirrly must be considered best WordPress SEO plugin because of its few unique features than Yoast.

The reason is it comes with several excellent features such as the Keyword Research and live assistance features which assist you in real-time and with lot of free Copyright free images related to your post and much more other unique features.

Remember that you need to come up with articles which are fully optimized for both humans and search engines for the best SEO outcome.

By choosing Squirrly SEO, you will see your SEO stats and google rank improve them on a regular basis. You can also See your Rank on google from your Admin dashboard.

Another benefit is you’ll get the best keywords that will enable your site to rank higher in users search engine results.

The result will be increased traffic to your website or blog and better returns on your investment.

However you can use both the plugin at a time for a same website and they will work without any issue as they are designed to be compatible with each other.


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