Different types of fmea – Failure mode effect analysis

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Failure mode effect analysis – FMEA

Failure mode effect analysis

Failure mode effect analysis:

According to the definition by wikipedia,  Failure mode effect analysis [FMEA] is one of the first highly structured, systematic techniques for failure analysis. It was developed by reliability engineers in the late 1950’s to study problems that might arise from malfunctions of military systems.

An Failure mode effect analysis [FMEA] is often considered the first step of a system reliability study.

There are a lot of examples of vehicle recalls due to quality or safety related issues.

Failure mode effect analysis [FMEA] is a methodology aimed at allowing companies to anticipate failure during the product designed stage and manufacturing process design stage by identifying all the possible failures. This mentioned image above is a sample template of the FMEA offered by Systemstowin. 

Let’s see about the Different types of fmea in the upcoming paragraphs

Different types of fmea

There are mainly two categories of FMEA.




DESIGN FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS was first used in space research programs. The rocket development process in the 1950’s didn’t go well due to continuous failures.Root cause analysis (RCA) was used to investigate all these failures .But, didn’t went well due to no evidence were remaining because of explosion happened during failure provided rocket scientist a platform to prevent failures.A similar platform is used today in many industries to identify risk.

DFMEA is a methodological approach used for identifying potential risk on a new design of a product.

This DFMEA initially identifies design functions failure modes and their effect on customer with severity ranking or danger of the effect then the possible causes of these failures are identified and fixed.

DFMEA tracks improvement through  RPN ( Risk priority number) by comparing before and after RPN.


PROCESS FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS looks at each process step to identify risk and possible errors from many different sources. PFMEA is a methodological approach used for identifying risk on manufacturing process.

PROCESS FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS initially identifies process functions,failure modes ,their effects on the product and process.The severity ranking is determined for each effect of failure,then causes and their mechanism of failure mode are identified .

The PFMEA also tracks improvements through RPN reductions ,by comparing the before and after RPN, where RPN is the Risk Priority Number.


Definition: FMEA : wikepedia

image credit: systems2win

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