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Drive traffic to new blog free

Hai mates! Welcome back.

Getting free traffic is hard? Are you one of the person who got frustrated because you are not getting any traffic to new blog of yours?

If you are blogger or own a website, but not getting the desired viewers, you always wanted.

Then you are here to know how to overcome that frustration by knowing how to drive traffic to new blog of yours.

Don’t Worry!

This time I’m here with some killer Tips to increasing site viewers. Yes, free traffic.

Modern blogs and businesses understand the importance and benefits of SEO and its ability to increase site Viewers.

Even so, most businesses fail to take advantage of SEO strategies in transforming organic visits into long-term commitments. As a result, you might have tried several strategies without gaining significant change in traffic numbers.

Despite the challenges of applying the correct SEO strategies, any undertaken efforts can offer you tremendous payoffs.



Below are our top 8 tips To Drive traffic to new blog 100% free traffic.

free traffic - drive traffic to new blog


Tip #1: Identify which links work or don’t for your website


In the past, a site’s backlinks have been the foundational elements of driving site traffic.

Even so, experts project a gradual decline in backlink usefulness in the future.

Nonetheless, backlinks are an important factor in increasing your website’s traffic.

Actually, you can’t increase site’s free traffic using Google without using a lot of links. However, doing so limits your site’s competitiveness.

For this reason, you need to understand what backlinks are and identify which backlinks work or don’t.

You can accomplish this by analyzing your site’s backlinks and comparing their usefulness.

Once you identify the most effective backlinks, create more of the same. Keep the following points in mind during the analysis phase:

  •  Link only to relevant websites in your industry category
  •  Use only contextual links as part of your SEO strategy
  •  Remember to link to long and detailed articles that offer more value to your audience
  •  If you desire to benefit from organic traffic growth, use dofollow links
  •  Avoid using automatically generated backlinks instead add them manually
  •  Ensure that your backlinks are from an authoritative domain and trustworthy source


Tip # 2: Discard and Disown Non-Working Backlinks to drive traffic to new blog

Get rid of bad backlinks to improve your Google ranking.

The importance of eliminating bad links cannot be overstated.

The more bad backlinks your site has the more difficult it is to improve its rankings.

Besides, having numerous bad and low-quality links can attract Google penalties.

If you want quality inbound links you can choose BUYING backlinks from the trusted site to rank in top 10 in google search pages.

You can also read my Article Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018 to rank #1 for building quality backlinks.

drive traffic to new blog

Tip # 3: Address Your Audience’s Problems and Questions


If you own an online business, you definitely receive a large number of questions from existing and potential customers.

Besides, content-based websites often receive questions that require answers. Given that, you should avoid giving short replies using email to each query.

Instead write a detailed blog post covering your audience’s concerns, problems, and worries.

Doing so boosts the chances of your website to appear first in Google results offering a solution to their problem.


Tip # 4: Contribute Content to Reputable Sites in Your Business Niche


Becoming a contributor to the most popular sites in your industry is an excellent way of increasing your site viewers.

Typically, this lets you gain access to an established online community where you can leverage referral traffic.

In addition to that, including a backlink of these sites will positively impact on your site traffic.

However, you should avoid blogging on sites that have low rankings as it will adversely affect your site traffic. For this reason, be selective when choosing websites to guest blog for.

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Tip # 5: Optimize Your Site’s Metadata and Content


Google typically takes a sneak peek of a site’s metadata and present contextual keywords.

Therefore, ensure that your site’s metadata contains relevant information to increase its search engines ranking.

Below are a few things to do to improve your site traffic.

  •  Refine your website’s meta descriptions, titles as well as its keywords
  •  Ensure that your site’s image titles, descriptions, and ALT are correctly optimized
  •  Avoid keyword stuffing while including keywords in the first few paragraphs of your content


Tip # 6: Regularly Post Quality Content on Your Site


Best way to get free traffic is Consistency.

The adage that content is king is true when it comes to improving site traffic.

To drive traffic to new blog, Offering quality content will help you benefit from backlinks, social media sharing as well as improve the overall performance of your site.

Do not settle for good content; strive to create outstanding articles that outshine what your competition offers.

Avoid writing for the sake of publishing. Instead, you should focus on creating quality content that makes your site stand out from the rest.

As competition increases, only quality content can guarantee you long-term success.


Tip # 7: Monitor your site’s performance


It is important that you progressively monitor your site traffic over specific time periods.

Doing so helps identify what works or doesn’t.

As you employ the above tips, your site’s free traffic is bound to increase.

For this reason, you should conduct a comprehensive review of your site’s links. To accomplish this, you should invest in a backlinks SEO tool or wait for backlinks to build with your unique quality content.


Tip # 8: Never Piss Off Google


Just like biting the hand that feeds you, avoid angering Google.

Regrettably, some SEO agencies are fond of testing the limits of what they can do to increase web traffic.

You should conduct your campaign ethically to avoid incurring Google penalties.

Use the suggestions below when implementing your campaign.

  • Never build cheap backlinks to your site
  • Never ever pay for low quality inbound links
  • Avoid using exact match anchoring text
  • Desist from using low quality, stolen or scraped content
  • Ensure that your content is always helpful to your readers

As previously noted, increasing site’s free traffic is challenging.

Therefore, you should avoid using shortcuts to create an avalanche of site traffic.

Doing so can cause you to incur penalties along the way.

Thus, you should create a daily process of creating great and helpful content for your users. In turn, doing so will help drive higher volumes of free traffic to your site.




Remember that you do not have to be an expert in online marketing to increase traffic to your site.

Performing basic keyword adjustments or tweaking blog titles can significantly improve traffic volumes to your site.

Besides, if you desire more free traffic, you have to work for it. Consistently giving each of these tips your best effort will help you leverage opportunities ignored by your competitors.

Keep it in mind that these are not the only ways to drive higher volumes of traffic to your site.

Therefore, I recommend you to use the perfect blend of these tips into your strategy which will help drive traffic to new blog of yours.

Quick Question for you?

What are all the methods you are using to drive traffic to your site? Leave your answers in the comment box

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