2020 Car lifters hate the Geoted device!

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What do you think about the Geoted device?

There is a huge difference between people that like to protect their cars using the traditional methods and people that prefer to engage in innovative solutions. Lately, there has been a movement of car thefts that happens during the daylight when people park their cars in the street to go to work.

Many of the burglars are pretending to be municipal workers or other types of engineers that constantly try to repair a damaged car.

In case you are the victim of such a situation, you know better what it means to lose your car into thin air.

People have tried multiple solutions to secure their cars, which are their mobile property that is parked by the streets.

The Geoted device has been offering drivers a new and improved way to locate their car no matter where it may be hidden.

why car lifters hate the geoted device

What is the Geoted device innovation?

We all know that GPS trackers have been around for almost two decades now.

However, the GEO ted device has nothing to do with traditional and conventional GPS trackers.

First, GEO ted has been using a particular encryption code to communicate between the transmitter and the receiver.

It is a global system that resembles the MAGELLAN one, which has been a system of independent orbital satellites, that can easily locate the position of every spot on the earth’s surface and underneath it.

It has been a great innovation for the time being, when people needed to have an accurate signal about where their car could be.

Now, GEO ted has been offering precise hardware that uses the LED technology to emit special lights that are only detected with the use of the right frequency receiver.

You are the only one to know the exact frequency from the spectrum of the million frequencies that are available on a worldwide basis.

As soon as the signal meets the satellite, then the control center gives you a direct response on your smartphone about the exact position of your car.

No matter, if your car is underground or in a place where the signal is corrupted, LED technology can offer you the most meritable choice and save you tons of money from your retrieved car.

Geoted  device uses

Not to mention, that the GEOted device can help law enforcement authorities to lead burglars into custody.

Police know the exact place where your car is kept and can invade at any time to get it back and arrest the criminals.

There is no way criminals can disrupt the signal of the GEO ted device unless they find it somehow.

GEOted device is usually kept secret.

No car agent, salesman or another type of engineer knows the exact place that technicians choose to place their transmitter.

Usually, they pick odd places of the car, like the fuel tank and the inside of the wheel rims.

However, some of them incorporate it into the engine so that they know that there is no chance it could be removed right after the car has been stolen.


New cars love the GEO ted system.

Many people are also wondering why do you need the GEO ted system when each automobile brand uses its own satellite system for online communication with the driver.

The answer is simple.

No one can overpass the specialized knowledge that GEO ted mechanics are having towards the isolation and geolocation of your car.

The system has no override through software and malware programs since it doesn’t use the basic programming languages.

You are the one to know better when your car has been stolen from criminals.

Conventional systems have an override barrier that activates when the temperature rises over 300F.

That is why burglars usually put the car in large ovens where they could actually melt the circuit and leave the car without any tracing device.

On the other hand, their GEOted system always gives you the chance to know where your car locates, without being affected by the temperature on a local level or the rate of vibrations where it is stored.

Being silent there is always emits a signal that is only identified by the local satellite in the area.

Burglars don’t know which car has the GEO ted system and that is why they are all jeopardizing their freedom by dealing with such activities.

The battery life of GEO ted keeps on being close to 30,000 hours of constant function.

That is close to the car’s life cycle and there is no need to bother with replacing batteries when the locator needs a change.


Are there any plans for innovation to the GEO ted system?

GEO ted scientists and programmers are constantly trying to improve their knowledge over LED information systems and communication protocols.

For instance, this system could be used to find people that are missing and keep their trace visible to authorized personnel.

At this moment, we should accentuate the fact that only authorized staff can access the information that GEO ted provides.

It happens because otherwise the constitutional rights of people would be banned by the fear of unlawful actions.

The system could take energy and stimulus from the solar panels that could be connected to the central battery of the car.

The remote charging keeps on being one viable alternative for the GEO ted system, which will become the mainstream alarm for all cars in the next decade.



Car and people safety has been the primary concern of police authorities worldwide.

As cars become more and more complex and sophisticated, they do cost more and their parts are valuable to criminals.

That is why the development of GEO ted has changed the way people think about their cars.

Now there is a viable way to know where your car is and have no fear about its potential theft.

People that deal with car insurance are ready to give incentives to people in terms of discount, should they install GEO ted systems to their vehicles.

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