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The best answer for how to make extra money 2018 – make money online

How to make money online – how to make extra money

how to make extra money is the common question in almost everyone’s mind. But do you know that there are number of ways, You actually can actually make money online.

For anything you start in life, you need lots of dedication and commitment. It’s also apt for making money online. Now a days there are many ways that you can make money online. Some of the effective ways will be discovered below. I will be covering mostly every ways that i can to help you reach your goals. These here are the proven techniques to make money from online.

I will be updating all the Techniques that will bring you extra cash to your pocket.

how to make extra money


The different ways to make money online are listed below:



One of the best way is through online surveys. In this you can make money just by filling forms in your free time. Research companies recruit new members to answer their surveys and to test their new products. There are number of paid online surveys you can find online.

let me guide you through some of the trustworthy online surveys like

Swagbucks, panelbase, HIVING, MindMover, Toluna, Fusioncash, E-Poll, Triaba, Ipanel online India, IndiaSpeaksSurvey Savvy, surveycompare.”

One of the best survey is Swagbucks which will pay even foe surfing, filling surface and watching videos, where collecting points is also easy.

SWAGBUCKS: is one of the online’s most popular rewards program which offer us free gift cards and cash for everyday things we already do online. Earning points is also simple as you get points for shopping online, watching entertaining videos, doing web search, answering surveys. If you are ready to spend around 10 mins a survey, within an hour you can put £2.40 in your pocket.


  • Click the signup button
  • Register free with swagbucks
  • Follow the discovery and reach the simple daily goals
  • Refer your friends and win huge
  • Redeem your SB points
  • Get free Giftcard or cash back


GOOGLE ADSENSE is one of the best advertising program that work on the basis of CPC{Cost Per Click} where google adsense will pay you when a person just click on their advertisement in your website.

This is one of the easiest way to make money online.

But google has introduced a lot guidelines for an adsense account. we can also log on to adsense through bloggers.

But we must need atleast 6 month active website or account to reach their eligibility.

Most big websites are using google adsense to monetize their website.


BECOME AN AFFILIATE – Make money online without investments

Wondering what is AFFILIATE ?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to provide yourself with huge passive income just by referring traffic to the company and getting commission for that. Most of them are giving out from 2% – 50% as commission for referring a single person to buy the product of the company.

There are so many sites who loves to keep you as their affiliate for their products.

I would like to mention some of the best affiliate programs for Indians and others out there. Just travel downwards to catch those best links and start earning on the go in India. this is little tricky but will make some extra cash online.

I will be adding more links after using those as I want to post guinine money making affiliate programs. These two affiliate programs are helping people in india for making huge money

Amazon Affiliate: is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce website. Many people use AMAZON affiliate program as many companies and bloggers sell their product in this big marketplace.

Being an affiliate to Amazon is a great way to make huge money as they offer nearly 12% of their sale amount depending on the products. As amazon is a huge market place it offers affiliate program in most of the geographical places. If you want to sign in for an affiliate just click here.

Amazon and the Amazon logo (as applicable) are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.


how to make extra money

PTC stands for (PAID TO CLICK ) sites draw traffic from online people who wants to earn money being at home. These PTC websites acts as a median between advertiser and the viewer. One can start  to earn from his first day just by viewing the advertisement and finishing small surveys and games etc, as they will pay for each instantly.

These sites will be most apt for students and home makers and those who wants to earn some extra bucks to them without any investments. this will also make some extra cash online.

To know about how to make huge money through GENUINE PTC SITES ,CLICK HERE . This gives complete information about PTC sites and the most guine PTC sites that doesn’t fail to pay their members.

Got any questions about ptc.please put your questions or feedback on the comment below, those are most welcome.


If you want a tension free method to how to make extra money you can use this method. There are so many choices when to submit, what topics you can write on and above all you can be your own boss.

If  you  have  a  flair  for  writing  or  possess  a  solid  grasp  of  good  grammar,   communication  and  spelling,  you  may  want  to  seek  opportunities  for  freelance writing  jobs.

You  can  contribute  articles  to  magazines,  newspapers  and  other   local  periodicals  to  earn  extra  income.

Gradually  build  your  portfolio  and  work   your  way  towards  establishing  credibility.

so, being an freelancer is always a better choice for those who loves to write articles to earn money online.



WHAT IS BLOGGING? how to make extra money using blogging?  Is it true that we can make money online using blogging.

Have you heard about blogging before?

YES! awesome

No! no need to worry. You are on the right place, Just scroll down the way to discover your answer.


BLOG is a short form of the word weblog which is a website owned by one which keeps on updating the discussion or information post in that online website. weblog was first coined by JORN BARGER on DECEMBER-17-1997.

Then later on may 1999 PETER MERHOLZ coined the short term BLOG by breaking the word We Blog as a joke. this is also one of the best way to make some extra cash online.

blogs are different from websites. Blogs get updated on a daily or regular basis whereas websites gets updated rarely or on monthly once.


Blogging is about writing an article or some paragraphs about an event, situation or on any topics in a blog to share it with others.

It is a regularly updated online journal of one, where you can express your feelings independently and share your thoughts and passion. you might need time to earn through blogs.

But if you are set you can make money online and can be your own boss.

There are many ways you can earn through blogging. Affiliate marketing, renting space, advertisements,etc.

Many bloggers are earning more than $2500 per month. BUt blogging is not that simple. it takes time and efforts to grow your blog before you actually earn.



ebook- make money online-how to make extra money

You might ask me how to make extra money by selling books? tat’s a tough job right?,Answer is you can earn and it’s easy now. Publishing and selling ebooks is now a growing method to make money online. Those who cannot have link to a nearby library comes online searching for the book that they need. Some people are even ready to pay huge amount to the ebooks even if they are costly but what they are looking for. There are many ways to sell ebooks online. only thing is you should have copyright of the ebook.


make money online how to make extra money

If you are a writer then you can write your own book get the copyright of the book and then you can sell online on Amazon,Payhip,flipkart,snapdeal, Blurb,etc. even if you don’t own a book you can buy a ebook with copyrights and then sell them on these platforms and can make huge profit out of it.

Become  a  reseller  of  web  hosting  services  or  domain   registration.

Offer  web  hosting  service  wherein  you  simply  pay  a  monthly  fee  and  resell  the   service  at  a  certain  subscription  charge  to  your  customers.

However,  if  you  are   planning  to  engage  in  this  type  of  service,  it  is  important  to  be  thoroughly   familiar  and  knowledgeable  with  the  web  hosting  service  in  order  to  provide   prompt  and  reliable  support  to  your  customers.

But if you are familiar with this then the thought how to make extra money will get vanished from your mind.

There are so many web hosting service and domain sellers welcoming the resellers to be a partner with them and when you made a sale you will get a commission for that each sale.


How to make extra money by reviewing?. Is it legit. Yes,It’s there. If you can speak, understand and speak aloud what you think in your mind and you are above 18, Then you are eligible for this job.

There are many websites which actually pay you from $5 to $30 for completing a 20 minute test. The pay rate differs according to the websites you choose.

what you will do in this?

It’s simple as following the steps

  • signing up the website.
  • confirming your mail id
  • visit a website or an app
  • Complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud
  • earning $10 per task.

You can see best 5 websites that will actually pay you for the website reviews.

  1. USERTESTING : $10 t0 $30 per 20 minute test.
  2. TestingTime       : € 50 per study for 30 – 90 minutes tasks.
  3. StartUpLift         : $5 per completed task
  4. TryMyUI              :  $10 per 20 minute test.
  5. Validately             : $5 per 5 minute task, from $25 for 30 minute task.

There are many other sites that too actually pay you for website tasks. you can also try those.


If you are looking for how to make extra money to your wallet still, you can make by selling your old clothes online.

if you got any unused clothes building space inside your wardrobe, you can exchange it for some decent cash by selling it online. The following websites are great places to look into if you want to sell old clothes.

  1. Spoyl : Start by finding an item in your closet that you love, but just don’t wear anymore and click the picture of it. upload the photo and give it a price and give it a short description about the product that  you want to sell in spoyl. After someone is interested in that product, spoyl take care of shipping and delivery taking a small commission and paying the rest to you.
  2. ThredupThredup is one of the best place to sell your old clothes even it is gently worn. You can find the accepted brands by them before selling in the website. They take care of shipping for free via FedEx or UPS in a ThredUp Clean Out Bag and after 20% of commision you will receive up to 80% of the clothe’s value. But if it is returned you have to pay around $12 or can donate it to charity.
  3. TRADESY: After a little research i have found that Tradesy deducts the lowest commission from a sale of about 9% and after processing fee for paypal 2.9%, it’s about 11.9% commission. After 11.9% tradesy give the rest of the sale to you and they take care of the shipping and delivery for free. So, that’s 81.1% of the product’s earning will return to you through paypal.


Hope you enjoyed this article how to make extra money. please do share with your friends and family to help them too.

this will help you to make some extra cash online

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