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how to succeed in life? Proved answer inside

how to succeed in life?

How to succeed in life, like a king and to live like the life of a king with positive mindset.

Hello guys! thanks for stopping by. yeah! now you are here. That means you have been through many hardship finding a way to succeed in your life. But most ways would have sucked. I can understand that. So, if you need to know How to succeed in life?.Here is one of the different ways to attain success in everything you do. Answer is, you just have to do these simple steps in a reputative way.


Are you ready to know the secret. Common guys this method is going to make you a better person with health wealth and whatever you have been craving for. It’s gonna give you everything. But what it needs from you. It’s simple. It’s Your Mindset and Your Precious Time.

What is mindset?

hey Dhanush. you told me about mindset! but what’s that and what that imaginary thing will do?. “well”. If you came up with this question in some part of your brain, I have the answer for you.


According to Mindsetonline, 

“Mindsets are beliefs—beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Think about your intelligence, your talents, your personality. Are these qualities simply fixed traits, carved in stone and that’s that? Or are they things you can cultivate throughout your life?”

Well,This is my kind of definition.

MINDSET is a partially imaginary force which you can’t see but can feel through the large impact on your day today life. It is a powerful force that has the power to shape up your life. Caution!!!! It can also destroy your life if it is not used wisely. Every individual in this world got The Mindset. Mindset is who you are. It is who you want to be. so, here is your first answer to How to succeed in life? “Mindset”, The composition of your beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and thoughts. A simple idea that has the enormous power to creates all the differences. The positive energy that creates productivity and motivation in sports, education, and business. And guess what?. It is what successful athletes, business people, and educators have and being practicing throughout the life to reach the success.

Types of Mindset.

According to “Wealthy Gorilla“,

“There are nearly 15 kinds of mindset.” 

The most important mindset you need to succeed is “Winning mindset”, I call it as “The Positive Mindset”.

How to Achieve the Winning Mindset? Positive mindset.

To achieve the positive mindset, you have to work on these 5 Topics. you must train your mind to follow these steps given below. It is advisable that you must train your mind in a daily basis / reputative way.

Believe ” Yourself “

Yes. The first and most important method is to find yourself and believe that you can do anything. It’s starts with one’s mind. You must trust yourself, your skills, your knowledge, your ability to fight against all the challenges in your way of life and trust you whole as you tread the path towards success.

Make a Plan and a Strategy

The second phase of this process is to create a plan or a strategy. this strategy will serve as your guide in reaching your goals, whatever your goal be. But, You must have the right strategy. Because having the right strategy can make such goals easier to achieve making you to see the goal clear. If you can’t know what’s your goal is? Then how you think you can achieve it.Most of the time, it requires an appropriate set of behaviors and a vision for the future.Without a holistic and flexible strategy, your are more likely to fall short in achieving what you want to achieve in your life.

Strengths and Weaknesses – Identify

Every person in this world has his own Strength and weakness. Identify yours. evaluate your strength and weakness. Make your weakness into your strength but never misuse it. People who have the mindset of a winner are those who know how to use their skills and strengths to give them the will to win and enforce a positive attitude.  They are also not afraid to fail and never give up.

Practice Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the state of being continuously conscious about your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. self awareness is knowing you better. the reason why you should practice self awareness is “when you know better you do better” said by Dr.Maya Angelou .Top performing people are aware of the things that they have, the ones that can motivate and help them achieve their goals. Being aware of the things that they are good at can provide them with a competitive edge over their competitors. They also know how to manage such things in order to prevent them from becoming their weaknesses.

According to STEPHEN WARLEY  in you can improve your self awareness by practicing the following 3 steps.

Step #1

The first step for practicing self-awareness is gaining a greater awareness of your emotions.

Step #2

The second step to practicing self-awareness is making a habit of tracking your feelings

Step #3

The third step for practicing self-awareness is expanding your practice to areas of your life beyond your feelings.”

This will help you practice self awareness to gain positive mindset.

Face Your Challenges with courage

Life is full of challenges. Every champion in this world had their own fight in life. they bravely faced those challenges with courage and defeated their fear and achieved their precious goal.If you really wanted to win, you need to be brave enough to face your fears and challenges. You have to be ready to fight and take “No” for an answer. If you want help, never be afraid to ask for it especially when such help can greatly increase your chances of accomplishing your goals. you just has to remember every problem in this world got solution. Analyse your problems. find the root. draw the map. believe in yourself and work towards it until you overcome the problem.

There is a mantra for every humans that did marvellous results in one’s life who were facing their problems. It’s just a four word. sentence.

If you want to Win those challenges just remember this Mantra: Never ever Give up.

Some challenges seem enormous and harsh, but if you remain centred and full of awareness, no challenge is too big to meet with power and grace. I’m sure this will show How to succeed in life, like a king and to live like the life of a king with positive mindset. Because It worked on me. Now It’s your turn to Try this and find your answer.

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