Best #1 guide on how to iron or wash embroidered apparel & accessories 2020

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How to iron and wash embroidered apparel

One thing that I love the most about embroidered clothing is that even after numerous washes, they manage to stay new for years.

This is one of the astounding reasons why each embroidered apparel is distinctive and precious.

Another interesting fact about embroidered clothing is that they have surpassed the demand for blank clothing, with machines creating more embroidered apparel than before.

With computers dominating almost every aspect, it is safe to conclude that you can easily differentiate between machine stitching and hand-stitching.

Any type of embroidery, be it machine or hand-made, needs to be looked after properly during the washing.

Though you may know how to wash embroidered garments and must have even looked up for tips about washing embroidery online.

Follow some of these guidelines for the best results.

how to wash embroidered apparel


Soaking is the go-to for embroidery washing!

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they wash their embroidered clothing in washing machines.

If your clothing gets dirty, it is only natural to scrub the dirty area. But research suggests that instead of scrubbing, soaking is the best practice.

The reason why scrubbing is not advised is mainly that it may tamper or damage the embroidered garment and create a messy look.

And instead of scrubbing, soak the garment in warm water for better results.

Another interesting technique that gets the job done is the swirl and swish technique.

If you are unable to clean the garment through soaking, use the techniques mentioned above.

You can also hand-wash the embroidered apparel

Just like machines, there is another method to wash embroidered apparel. Hand-washing your apparel is also preferred by people from around the world.

For embroidered apparel, it helps in maintaining the shape and form of your garment.

When you are planning to hand-wash your embroidered apparel, make sure to clean the basin or sink first.

You wouldn’t want any additional stain on your clothes, so before hand-washing, clean the surface area first.

When you have finished washing out the garment, it is best advised to rinse it thoroughly.

During the draining process, allow your embroidered garment to sit in the water for just a few minutes.

After a couple of minutes, you can easily rinse the embroidered garment and let it dry out completely.

Avoid starching your embroidered apparel

There is nothing like a fresh feeling when you are wearing a starch embroidered apparel to work.

Even though the starching produces excellent results but starching and embroidered apparel will only make things worse for your clothing.

One of the reasons why starch is not recommended in embroidered clothing is primarily because it hardens the fabric. This

makes them susceptible to the fabric when they are stored or folded for an extended period of time.

One more reason why starching up your embroidered garment is not recommended is because starches attract insects that may damage your clothing completely.

Starching is recommended only when you have to wear it almost immediately.

That being said, it offers excellent results, a clean and crisp look that will stay for a long time.

Follow these things before you wash embroidered apparel

wash embroidered apparel

Though there are just a few things that you should always keep in mind before you wash embroidered apparel, some things are just constant and should be put into practice at all costs.

If you have an embroidered garment that was done a couple of years ago, always do a color-test before taking out your laundry and cleaning supplies.

If the colors are mixed in the washing, your garment may be destroyed.

But no need to panic; if something like that happens, take a small fabric piece and soak it thoroughly in cold water.

After that, simply dab or clean the areas where external colors were exposed to your embroidered apparel.

Check out every nook and cranny, threads and stitches to see if you have left any stain or not.

If you come across any color that is not cleaning, dab the wet cloth and clean the area again.

If, during the process, the fabric’s color starts fading away, stop washing the garment and take it to an experienced dry-cleaning company to get the job done.

Ending note

So there you have it. These are some of the tips you should always take into consideration when you wash the embroidered garment.

If you have any tips or suggestions, comment below.

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